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High-Tech and Industrial Solutions

Nanomaker  Industry: Nano/micro technology
A complex Electron Beam Lithography system working properly in microelectronics and nanotechnology industries and research centers of many countries for designing and producing modern micro- and nano-electronic devices. More... 

Microalignment Software Package (MSP)  Industry: Fiber, microoptics, semiconductors
MSP is developed for the computer-assisted alignment of microoptical components including fiber optics and semiconductor lasers and real-time analysis of the power distribution in laser diodes. More... 

QDTRAM  Industry: Electronics and nanoelectronics
Software package for modeling the static properties of electronic quantum devices. More... 

W-edge  Industry: Geology, medicine, environment, testing
The software for solving problems like searching deposits of mineral resources (like gold, copper, and oil/gas deposits) by using measurement results of various geophysical fields (magnetic, gravitational and radiations in various spectrum regions). More... 

CheD  Industry: Chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, medicine
CheD was developed to store, view, and search chemical structures and infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, and mass spectra. More... 

Bvision  Industry: Pharmacology, ecology, biology, and education
BVision is a robust system developed for the automation of studying the effect of different compounds on the spatial orientation and memory of experimental animals (Morris water maze test). More... 

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