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Founded in 1990, Interface Ltd. is a flexible fast growing IT company headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

From the very beginning Interface Ltd. is closely connected with the Russian Academy of Sciences. Our scientific background and constant collaboration with Russian research institutes gives us an access to innovative technologies as well as to skilled and professional employees.

Our mission is to assist the prosperity of our customers, investors and partners by developing and marketing of innovative IT technologies and solutions.

Some Facts

  • We are in business since 1990
  • In addition to our corporate headquarters based in Moscow we have offices in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Chernogolovka (Russia's well-known scientific center).
  • Interface Ltd. has a staff of 120+ highly qualified and well-educated employees
  • On the Russian market Interface Ltd. is known as a reputable software distributor, software developer, system integrator, training and consulting services provider
  • We work with customers from all regions of the former USSR, as well as with such companies as Motorola, Shell, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, JSB Gazprombank, RusAl, and many others.

Our Main Assets

  • 20+ years of successful experience in IT industry
  • Our own innovative technologies and those developed in cooperation with Russian scientific research institutes
  • We maintain an R&D lab focused on IT, data security and nano-technologies.
  • We have accumulated a large database of ready high-tech and e-commerce software solutions
  • We provide a complete set of solutions customized to better fit your business
  • A large client database
  • A partner network covering all major Russian regions.
  • Training Center that is ranked among the Top 10 of Russian training centers.
  • Interface Insurance Competency Center (VICC) is allowing to achieve better resources planning and experience among multiple groups distributed across INTERFACE global Guidewire Delivery Centers locations.
  • Good relations with Russian governmental structures and IT community in addition to membership in the leading IT and business associations of Russia.
  • Interface Ltd. is founder or member of National Software Development Association (NSDA), Silicon Taiga Alliance, System Integration and Information Control Systems Development (SIRIUS), the Association of Enterprises of Computer and Information Technologies (AECIT), Russian Digital Alliance (RDA).


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