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Our Approach

We use a combination of our skilled developers, innovative scientific technologies and tools to make B2B and B2C software that suits your requirements. Moreover, being a development center that unifies knowledge and experience of many Russian institutes and companies, we can apply the energy and skills of our subcontractors to successfully implement sophisticated and state-of-the-art projects.

Managing Complex Projects

Our collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences lets us use the knowledge obtained by Russian scientists and their skills to better satisfy your needs. Our membership in the national IT associations and good relations with local IT companies allows us to use their technologies and skills in our projects. Moreover, we have a large network of trustworthy partners working as our subcontractors. As a system integrator we can define precise project requirements, work out specifications for our subcontractors, and manage projects.

Expertise: System-level Software Development

Interface Ltd. has accumulated comprehensive experience in software development through 17 years of serving customers worldwide. Interface Ltd. successfully delivers complex projects and is capable of offering sophisticated and flexible solutions tailored to meet each customer’s requirements. Interface Ltd. has successfully completed project list includes numerous large and midsize projects requiring software development and support, re-engineering, porting, software testing, and technology consulting under a variety of operating systems.

The Interface Ltd. professional software engineering team is experienced in product development with all major operating systems, including different types of Linux, Windows, and several real-time and embedded operating systems. Some of the OS and their tools, have been developed by or with direct involvement of Interface Ltd. engineers. Our engineering teams resolve challenges arising in the development of multi-platform products and complex tasks. Interface Ltd. provides migration of software and embedded applications between different software and hardware platforms.

Our engineers have accumulated considerable experience in software development for: 

Please refer to the "OUR SKILLS AND TOOLS" section for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.

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