Iceberg is a modern content management system made to carry out on-the-fly web-based administration to full process of content creation at one web site or pool.

Iceberg is an advanced system that meets the objective of building online customer relationships and provides the foundation for E-Commerce. Iceberg is a completely browser based solution that provides a comprehensive set of features that allows to build and deploy an interactive, dynamic web site or add news channel on existing ones in a very short time.

Iceberg lets to significantly reduce time-to-market for corporate & E-commerce web sites and site maintenance costs while ensuring content accuracy and corporate identity.

Iceberg key benefits:

  • Easy creation, publishing and WYSIWYG editing documents avoiding programming
  • Automatical support distributed management (workflow) of various information content during its lifecycle, from creation to correction, approval, publishing, and archiving. 
  • Assigning different authorization rights for different documents
  • Fulltext or attributive retrieval 
  • Publishing and management of closed materials 
  • Content integration with support documents of different style
  • Collaboration work with documents

Additional features:

  • Management rating system for articles on the web
  • Management template changes
  • Business process customization for certain content (references, articles, etc.)
  • Documents marking before and after their placement in the repository
  • Support version control (creation new versions, view and revert to the preceding ones)
  • Momentary access to the documents via Web-browsers, desktop applications and other open source types of clients
  • Flexible access to the whole spectrum of the documents, from e-mails up to forum databases and formalized documents of all types
  • Visual management for publishing date
  • Management of newsgroups distribution
  • Possibility of integration with external workflow
  • Personifications of user setups

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