Smart Click

Smart Click technology enables to manage banner impressions and provide on-line detailed reports on advertising performance.

For: promotional agencies working via Internet as well as for web-publishers.

Smart Click is based on Interface own technology that supports the Banner Exchange Services leaders like Adwach, Banner Bank (TBN),  RLE, RotaBanner (RRU), DoubleClick and others.

Key functions

  • Display of banners according to your ad plan
  • Display of selected banners on only specified sites with given rate (static mode) or only on specified time intervals (dynamic mode), or their combination (mixed mode)
  • Statistics on an ongoing campaign and measure of its effectiveness
  • Possibility to modify an ongoing campaign on-line
  • Possibility to use several banner attributes for given banner places in accordance with their minimum banner "burn-out"
  • Control of the process of banner serving
  • Possibility to simultaneously wage large campaigns under different plans of subject on different subject-matter sites following the rule "every with all", "all with all", and "all with every"
  • Embedded analyzers to inform about banner link faults. The type and cause of fault are shown on administrator central console
  • Banners stock in a common pool

Smart Click gives you exact information on:

  • When and where a definite banner has been placed
  • CTR (click-through ratio) for both whole ad campaign and local servers working only with client statistics
  • Click rate of the overall campaign
  • Click rate of a particular banner
  • Click rate of a particular site
  • Remaining balance of the planned impressions for each site and the entire campaign
  • Current reach (how many people saw your banners) and audience of entire campaign or any particular banner.

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