Order Processor

Order Processor allows you to have an Internet shop for you or your business partners to place the descriptions of goods and services in the Internet and to receive and process orders.

For: any companies having business with partners or retailers

Using Order Processor one can run business through the Internet with an infinite number of partners. Your business partners can maintain the actual information about their commercial proposals and goods by themselves.

With Order Processor you can open your own Internet shop at your dedicated sites avoiding the headache to develop and support the shop. Just use Order Processor to build in all standard features for Internet shop - catalogues, searching the goods, Buyer's basket, order forms. Order Processor makes it easy to place product descriptions and control the order status at any time. Merchants can upload their price list files into the Order Processor, and the Order Processor will place the data in the files into its Database and accept and process orders for all items from the price lists. Merchants and customers can check the order status at any time.

Downloaded products such as software, MP3 files, photos shall be sold and delivered automatically. It is possible as after the payments have been done the customer is provided with a link to a product (URL).

Merchants can use both the Order Processor site and their own web sites. The software could be integrated with any web sites supported by the Merchants. Order Processor allows integration of unlimited number of Merchant sites.

Order Processor was developed by Paybot LLC in cooperation with Interface Ltd. Developers of Interface Ltd. can modify, localize and customize Paydox to better suit your e-business needs.

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