IT Outsourcing and Offshore programming

Interface Ltd. is a flexible fast growing IT company headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Interface Ltd. offers a broad range of ready solutions, technologies and a number of IT services. IT outsourcing services play a key a role in our business strategy.

Here at Interface Ltd. we are committed to providing our outsourcing partners with high quality services, by staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology resources and development practices. Certified and experienced in a variety of architecture, modeling and programming applications, our staff makes constant efforts in providing our clients with the reliable outsourcing services that they need.

We provide assistance for companies that want to minimize their expenses developing and implementing new IT technologies.

We can provide quality, on-time, low-cost IT outsourcing services. By outsourcing your software development, testing and support functions to us you will get an exact estimation how much you will need to invest into your product development, modification and support.

Interface Ltd. has a series of successful ongoing outsourcing relationships, and has deployed a wide range of software solutions for various customers in the US, UK, Germany, and other developed countries. We're focused not only on .NET and ASP.NET solutions, but also in a far larger expertise area, including customized software development for both Windows and Linux/Unix, as well as other OSs.

Why Russia
There is no doubt that the Russian education system has a heavy focus on IT technology, programming technology and hi-tech technology. Our specialists in the fields of application programming and innovative technologies are widely recognized all over the world. Tight business connections with western and US companies, have recently taken place, resulting in most of our IT specialists mastering the English language. Thus, your company will enjoy highly skilled resources plus specialists able to speak and understand English.

Our specialists are capable to give original innovative solutions of the problems that require knowledge of fundamental and applied science along with sound engineering knowledge that is essential to our software specialists.

Why Interface Ltd.
From the very beginning Interface Ltd. has had very close and tight connections with the Russian Academy of Sciences. That is why we have access to the first-class teams based on the advanced and innovative hardware/software resources.

Interface Ltd. is a founder or a member of a number of associations like the National Software Development Association (NSDA), Silicon Taiga Alliance, System Integration and Information Control Systems Development (SIRIUS), the Association of Enterprises of Computer and Information Technologies (AECIT), Russian Digital Alliance (RDA). This will assure you of the soundness and reputability of our company.

Interface Ltd. is a recognized training center working in tight partnership with such companis such as Microsoft, Oracle, Borland Software, Computer Associates, Rational Software, and Crystal Decisions software. This ensures our specialists are highly qualified and can implement the latest solutions in our own developments.

List of IT Outsourcing Services

  • Software Development and Re-engineering: Offshore project development provides the customer with any/all stages of full software development life cycle. This may cover new system development, enhancements to existing systems and migration or re-engineering of existing systems to new platforms.
  • Software Pipeline: If a customer requires high volume program construction from his or her own in-house program specifications - then the 'software factory' service is the solution. After formal acceptance of program specifications, the offshore partner will undertake the programming and unit testing at on-site development center. The completed programs together with test packs, test scripts, and test results are forwarded to the customer for approval and acceptance.
  • Application Management: The major part of any IT budget is probably reserved for the maintenance of existing and ageing systems. By using an offshore partner's application management service costs are reduced. This allows you to release valuable funds for new business critical systems and enables the customer's own IT staff to focus on new developments. In this case, there is usually employed a small on-site team to carry out urgent fixes and enhancements. These on-site teams can be used for the fixes of lower priority. In this case they work in close coordination with a main offshore office.
  • Technical Support: A lot of companies need qualified teams to serve call-centers for technical support of their own products. We are facilitated for offering such support using our local operators at our premises. Good technical knowledge and competitive rates can solve this problem for foreign companies.

    We can arrange skilled and mobile teams (consultants/employees) with specific / rare knowledge of certain products to serve your needs off-site and on-site.
  • Project management: This includes guidance on techniques for completing project tasks and deliverables. Our project approach is focused on a combination of offshore and on-site components with pro rata share of the above being determined on a project-by-project basis, depending on client objectives and preferences.
  • Global IT recruitment: Additionally to our own resources of software engineers we have an enhanced database of available IT work-source in Russia and CIS countries. Our company maintains one of the largest IT job resources - Thus we can arrange any number of IT professionals with any required skills in any country.
  • Application Services: Interface Ltd. has wide experience as an Application Services Provider. Interface Ltd. is competent in developing web-applications as well in offering services on access to remote applications, such as payment systems, content management, banner system management etc.
  • Market research: We have very close and reputable links with almost all the regions of Russia and CIS countries. These links have been established through our dealer net and government bodies as well as through associated members of various IT associations. It enables us to make any research related to Russian IT & Telecom market on your request.

Lower cost along with assured quality
Project location depends on the nature of the project and client preference. Offshore companies can take complete responsibility for a project or work under client direction. Work undertaken offshore takes advantage of the highly skilled work force available at lower costs in Russia. Costs savings through employing an offshore approach can be as high as 50 per cent what means that IT budgets go further. Offshore work can be undertaken on locally available hardware/software or can utilize the client's target host system by linking it with one or more offshore teams via high-speed links.

Software Development Technologies we use:

  • Hardware platforms: Intel-based, HP, IBM, SPARC, Apple, Cisco.
  • Operating systems: Windows, HP UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, MacOS, RTOS.
  • RDBMS: Oracle Database, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, Borland InterBase, Gupta/Centura SQLBase.
  • Programming languages: C/C++, Java, Perl, Visual Basic, SAL, Object Pascal, Assembler, Fortran, etc.
  • Internet technologies: DHTML, XML, CSS, SSI, ASP, JSP, PHP, VBscript, Javascript, etc.
  • RAD tools: MS Visual Studio, Oracle Development Suite, Borland JBuilder, Borland C++ Builder, Centura Team Developer.
  • CASE tools: Rational Rose, CA Erwin, CA BPwin, Sybase Power Designer, Oracle Designer.
  • Project and configuration management tools: Rational Suite, Rational ClearCase, CA ModelMart, MS Project, MS Visual SourceSafe.
  • Specific software products: CA Unicenter, HP Openview, Tivoli, Oracle Express, Business Objects, MS SQL Server OLAP, Crystal Reports, Cognos Power Play, etc.
  • Technologies: security, payment systems, microelectronics, telecommunications, lithography, speech and image recognition, computer telephony, chemistry.

The table below illustrates advantages of offshore approach that results in significant costs savings.

Steps undertaken by Interface Ltd.
Customer expected costs for Internal System
Customer expected costs for External System
Requirement Specification
Requirements are clearly specified by the customer in a formal 'Business Specification' document If it is done by your forces this requires specialists guidance and requires a high level of involvement from your IT staff.
Design Specification
Preparation of a detailed design for specification to be approved by the customer. Not to spend money on time-consuming process most of the work can be outsourced and only requires involvement from your IT staff for clarification purposes. The effort reduces if proper tools are used Drawing away your IT staff will result in unnecessary expenditures. Such work must be outsourced to the party responsible for the systems and requires your management control
Technical/User Documentation
Creation all necessary Technical/User Documentation, as requested. Time consuming and labor-intensive operation Requires your management control. The effort involved in this step is very high, most of which could be outsourced. Drawing away your IT and management staff. If carried out by the party responsible for the systems being developed this requires coordination only.
Test Plan and Testing Process
Development of the Test Plan. The plan includes all stages required for various levels of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing and system testing. The test results are recorded after executing the plan. Requires high level of involvement of your IT staff and senior users. The partners must assist you and resolve problems within their scope of work. The effort required is high, most of which is provided by people with business knowledge of the system - typically your IT and business staff.
Implementation Installation/User Training
Relocation to customer's site for implementing the software and required training to the end-users. Instead of involving your IT staff into process of installation and training the personnel you delegate this stage to specially trained and methodically experienced team. If the earlier steps have been carried out properly, the effort involved should be low.
Establishing delivery channels (a secure, stable and reliable fiber optic Internet connection). Software product delivery may be accomplished:

To enjoy efficiently scheduled approach we offer delivery:

  • Via reliable and secure Internet connection;
  • Through telecom facilities available at Interface Ltd. development center and at the customer's site;
  • Through courier service shipment of CDs.
Maintenance and tech support
Providing the clients with a full range of maintenance services from corrective maintenance (bug fixing) to software enhancement. Requires training your personal, focusing on the problems. This withdraws your staff from primary tasks.


By outsourcing your projects to our company you will attain the following benefits:

  • availability of required programming languages and platforms
  • development of projects of any complexity
  • acces to professionally skilled/trained teams of developers / software engineers
  • availability of any specific / rare skills
  • utilizing offshore software / hardware / premises facility
  • precisely defined / estimated IT budget to be allocated
  • savings due to application / purchase of typical module solutions
  • training based on approved methodic and adjusted to your staff
  • availability of on-going support with the latest upgrades
  • competitive rates
  • delegating the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks to qualified and reputable teams
  • advanced project management based on best practice

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