System integration and ERP systems implementation





We offer services of all-round enterprise automation based upon integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems: iRenaissance and MFG/PRO. Both systems are suited for medium and large-class enterprises and can be integrated with current enterprise information systems. They give efficient makes and delivers products and the way you manage capital and human resources.

iRenaissance (developed by ROSS Systems)

iRenaissance system is an integrated enterprise resource management solution (including ERP, SCM and CRM) specifically designed to meet the unique information needs of process manufacturers. In addition to strong capabilities in supporting manufacturing functions, it also provides comprehensive Advanced Planning and Scheduling tools including capabilities for Demand Planning/Management and Finite Capacity Scheduling.

Decision Support and Business Knowledge Management tools are also key capabilities. The system is ISO9000 certified.

MFG/PRO (developed by QAD)

MFG/PRO is considered to be one of the best solutions for automation of discrete manufacturing. The system is made for manufacturers who want to increase their efficiency and profitability through web-enabled ERP. An easy to implement, rapidly deployable enterprise solution that provides fast return on investment.

We can implement these systems as well as train your specialists in this field.

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